The Cleaner

A  F I L M  B Y  J A N   V A N   G O R K U M

Barry, a construction worker in his fifties, has the unluckiest day of his life: he loses his job, his adulterous wife puts him on the street, he is told that he is terminally ill and he witnesses a bizarre monster blowing itself up in a bar.


That peculiar last part brings him into contact with a representative of a secret organization, who offers him a job: cleaning up crime scenes where monsters have wreaked havoc and making sure that the so-called Shadow World, of which the monsters are a part, stays hidden. For Barry that’s the beginning of a descent into an insane underworld, where nothing is what it seems.


Slowly but surely, Barry also discovers more about himself. When the truth finally comes to light, it has major consequences for Barry and for everything that lives in the shadows.


     Shooting TBA