Wilkolak (Werewolf)



A  F I L M  B Y  A D R I A N   P A N E K

A  C O - P R O D U C T I O N  W I T H

B A L A P O L I S   ( P O L A N D )

T W E N T Y   T W E N T Y   V I S I O N   F I L M P R O D U K T I O N   ( G E R M A N Y )

The beautiful summer of 1945 in the Owl Mountains. A provisional orphanage is created for ten children that have just been liberated from the Groß-Rosen concentration camp. 20-year-old Hanka, a former prisoner herself, becomes their guardian. The resolute protagonists regain strength and joy after the terrible time of the camp. But the terror returns and breaks the fairy tale. German shepherds from the camp set free by the SS officers just before the camp was liberated now roam the forests.

Music, sound design, sound mix, color grading and VFX will be done in the Netherlands and are made possible by a grant from the Netherlands Film Fund. Wilkolak is also supported by the Netherlands Production Incentive.

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    Released in 2019