A  F I L M  B Y  C H R I S  W.  M I T C H E L L


S T A R R I N G   G I J S   S C H O L T E N   V A N   A S C H A T , 

C A R I N E   C R U T Z E N ,  B A R T   K L E V E R ,  A L E X   H E N D R I C K X , 

J A M I E   G R A N T ,   C H R I S   P E T E R S   &   K A T J A   H E R B E R S 

Lennaert and his friend Rob drag their families into a forest nature reserve for a cheap camping holiday. They erect their tents on the shore of an idyllic pool. In the night, Lennaert´s son, Jan is awoken by a woman´s voice, luring him to come and swim with her in the pool. Is it Rob's beautiful daughter Emilie or something else entirely? Lennaert’s behaviour grows increasingly erratic, but that is not the only problem. Food rots at impossible speed, mobiles are dead and every attempt to leave the forest end up with them right back where they started. What began as a happy family holiday slowly transforms into a nightmare with no escape...

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Released in 2014

International sales: m-appeal

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