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A   D O C U M E N T A R Y   B Y   J E F F R E Y  D E  V O R E

Dick Maas: The Documentary is a tribute to one of the most successful and leading Dutch filmmakers. On the basis of anecdotes from cast and crew members, we learn how his films, which include classics like The Lift, Flodder, Amsterdamned and Saint,  came about and that it was not always without a struggle. Dick Maas is also the story of an outsider who decides to do it differently than his colleagues.


In his book 'Neighbour, what are you doing now?', Dick Maas candidly informed us about the many pitfalls of Dutch film. The documentary will go into even more detail on the ups and downs of a fascinating film career. The film will therefore be a perfect 'companion piece' to the book.

     Shooting in 2018-2019

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