Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem

A  F I L M  B Y  D A V I D  M U Ñ O Z  &  A D R I Á N  C A R D O N A


A  C O - P R O D U C T I O N  W I T H 

D A C S A   P R O D U C C I O N S  /  E K  D E G O L  /  J U S T  F I L M  ( S P A I N )

T B C  P R O D U C T I O N S  ( F R A N C E )

An outrageous comedy about the adventures of Jesus and Judas in a world full of zombies, demons, post-apocalyptic punks, mutants, cowboys, the Roman army, monsters, mythological creatures and steampunk in the 80’s style that we all love.

Based on the short film Fist of Jesus, that has won 75 international prizes, most of them awarded by the audiences of the most renowned fantastic film festivals in the world. The short film was viewed more than 6 million times on the internet and has over 37,000 followers on Facebook.


Click here to watch Fist of Jesus.

Shooting TBA

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